Da Maurizio Restaurant 2008-2010

I worked as the Executive Chef at Da Maurizio for 2 years following a 6 month tour through S.E. Asia.  A close friend and I traveled extensively through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

I was introduced to the Baan Rim Pa restaurant group in Phuket by a local friend.  In August of 2008, I was recruited by the Baan Rim Pa Restaurant Group as Head Chef at Da Maurizio Restaurant.  I played an integral role in a complete kitchen renovation and improvement of the concept and quality of Da Maurizio’s award-winning menu.  Owner, Maurizio Laureri and I collaborated to achieve a balance between traditional and innovative Italian cookery to create the seasonal menus at Da Maurizio.  Maurizio’s knowledge & passion for food complemented and my devotion to the art of cooking and the interplay brought the award-winning restaurant to new heights.

My time with Da Maurizio included a trip to Italy in Autumn of 2009 for training in the kitchen of Zi Peppe Restaurant in Monte Flavio (a small mountain village outside of Rome) and a gastronomic tour through the northern regions.

I was immersed in the Thai culture and way of life for 2 years.